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Mastering Website Copywriting

Listen well, because here’s the truth: your website is a key element of your business, and copywriting is a key element of your website, so mastering website copywriting is pretty key!

Every part of a website, from its homepage to its contact form, should be carefully written to entice the reader towards a certain objective. This objective may be as simple as clicking through to the next article, but in business, the goal of generating sales, conversions, communication, and action should be driving every word published on the site.

While having capable web design, user experience, and other technical aspects are all essential components of a happy website, the written content always draws plenty of attention from users. Think of your website as a permanent spokesperson for your brand and business. You’d want them to be saying all the right things in the right way to spread the good word around the intertwining platforms of the internet.

So, prepare yourself a hot beverage of choice and let’s break down some ways to master website copywriting for your online space.

Making a Good First Impression

Let’s just assume you’ve decided to jump on the net one day with no real destination in mind. Whatever website you end up on, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up on their homepage. You’re immediately going to have some thoughts depending on how engaging the copy is from the start.

Of course, having eye-catching design is going to play a big part in nailing a homepage’s pull. But the users’ eyes will soon track to the page’s copy, and this is where you need to be prepared to wow! It’s about making that strong first impression, and in order to do just that, there are few strategies and tricks you can employ to make readers want to dig further.

Perhaps the most important piece of homepage writing advice is to not overcomplicate things. You’re not trying to bombard the reader with information through lengthy paragraphs of text they’re instantly going to forget. Instead, focus your messaging on what’s most important.

BeKonstructive’s homepage is welcoming, informative, yet concise. We tell you who we are and what we’re about in short, punchy paragraphs while letting the headlines carry most of the informational weight.

Site visitors have short attention spans, so don’t overload them with content. Hit on your main points and entice them to keep on reading with a taste of what’s to come. Doing so will draw them in and win over their curiosity.

You want to create a slippery slide for the visitors to go down as they work their way through your online content.

Copywriting for Websites

Stick the Landing

Your landing page is one of the most important parts of your website. This is where you make the pitch and hopefully land the sale, so it’s important you structure it appropriately. Your landing page should read effortlessly, but at the same time, be direct with its messaging.

You need to make it clear what you’re selling, why you’re selling it, and why your product is the best option for the consumer. To do this, keep your writing simple and focused. It’ll keep the reader invested without weighing them down with unnecessary padding. Simplicity doesn’t mean the copy is boring or cliché, it means the copy should be accessible and engaging for a wide audience.

Furthermore, a good landing page will look and feel completely natural. The writing should read like it’s come from the fingertips of an actual human, through a tone of voice that balances sounding conversational and professional.

And those words should be laid out in a thoughtful and convenient way. A huge chunk of text can be daunting for readers, so split up your content into bite-sized chunks of information. This will create a streamlined experience for users and allow you to zero in on different points of your service. Using plenty of words is also a wise SEO move, so it’s a win/win/win for everyone involved!

Other writing tips for a successful landing page would be to focus on benefits over features, speak to your target audience, and make smart use of customer testimonials. We’ve already gone over some of these tips in our recent How to Write Persuasive Online Copywriting blog!

Blogging Bliss

Blogs can form a large part of your website’s content by providing readers with informative, entertaining material. They establish you as a thought leader in your industry, educate consumers on a product’s value, and are beneficial to your website’s SEO standing.

Writing them isn’t as simple as unloading a bunch of information on a page and hitting “publish”. You need to be strategic with how each blog post fits with your marketing goals and brand values as they should always be created for a reason.

Blogs should be written with credibility and an eye for engaging. You’ll want to write about a topic relating to your business that seeks to answer a question or provide clarity. Think of a blog post as an extended response to one of your FAQs. If you get asked all the time about what type of shampoo you use in your pet grooming business, then there are probably as many people searching for that same term online.

Once again, the more blog articles you have on your website, the better your SEO will be. Check out our You Still Need to Write Blogs for Your Business article to learn more about this essential element of website copywriting.

We can help with your website copywriting

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we have a range of copywriting services that can help with your website’s written content. Our Brisbane team is made up of experienced, talented, and passionate content marketers and copywriters who are excited to help your online space be the best it can possibly be.

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