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We recently performed a web page make-over for our client Air-rite Solutions.

Air-rite Solutions are a commercial and residential air conditioning and HVAC business servicing Brisbane and the wider South East Queensland area. We have been working with Air-rite for about 18 months now, providing them with SEO services as well as some content marketing and social media services.

As part of our on-going SEO service, we have been working through the pages of Air-rite’s website, tidying up and optimising the content on their pages. We have already seen significant improvements over the past 18 months, with their keywords improving an average of 35.15 positions in Google.

Graph shows SEO performance over 18 months improving steadily.

Prior to working with Wendy and her team, she had mentioned that they hadn’t received an online enquiry from their website in close to a year. Within the first month of their new SEO service with us, they had received their first online enquiry. Fast forward 18 months, and their website and Google Ads campaign (which we also manage) bring in new leads and quote requests for their business on a weekly basis.

Our Monthly SEO Service

Our monthly SEO service includes a ‘bank’ of hours that we use to optimise Air-rite’s performance in Google. At the start of each month, we allocate the hours to the tasks that we believe will have the biggest impact on their campaign. Some months this looks like creating new blog content for their website and building out their backlinks, and other months it means focusing on their technical SEO and website load speed.

Recently, we’ve been focusing on improving their website’s speed performance. At the start of this process, their performance score was 36% and over the space of two months we have been able to improve it to 68%. There is still some work to do here as the goal is 90% or higher, but it is something that we will continue to chip away at each month as part of our monthly SEO services.

Home Page SEO Performance March 2023

Home Page SEO Performance April 2023 Image shows the client’s home page SEO performance score in March 2023 compared to April 2023. We were able to improve the page’s speed performance by 32% over the space of 2 months.

Improving the website’s speed performance was a large part of our motivation for deciding to give the products page on Air-rite Solution’s website a make-over as a big focus of our SEO activities this month. The page had been built using the WooCommerce plugin which adds a lot of additional (heavy) code to the pages of the website, resulting in a slower load page. This is a necessary evil if you are operating an e-commerce website, but if you aren’t using the e-commerce features of WooCommerce then it really isn’t necessary to carry all of that extra code on your website.

And because we don’t do things by halves at BeKonstructive, we decided that if we’re going to rebuilt the page to optimise it for speed, then we might as well optimise it for SEO and conversions at the same time. So what was meant to be a simple rebuild of a page ended up being a total make-over of the products page!

Lets do an SEO makeover

Products Web Page Make-Over

The key areas that our web page make-over mini focused on included:

  • Speed and performance optimisation
  • SEO optimisation
  • Conversion optimisation

We began by thinking about the purpose of the page. When people visit this page of the website, what information are they looking for? What question are they seeking and answer for? And, does the page currently meet that need? The answer was no.

We then plotted out the information and content that needed to be included on the page to meet the need of the user. We paired this with some keyword research to make sure the page can pull in new users directly from Google. And then we got to work!

Check out the video below for a break down of what the page looked like before we began, the work we performed, and how it looks now.

Speed and Performance Make-over

Most of the speed and performance optimisation was taken care of simply by rebuilding the page as a standard content page and removing all of the redundant code from WooCommerce. Some of the additional things we did included:

  • Removing all of the individual product pages – these added no extra value to the user
  • Optimised the images for size – smaller image sizes load quicker

SEO Make-over

There were few key things that we did to improve the SEO performance of the page so that it ranks better in Google:

  • Added text – pages need a minimum of 350 words in order to be indexed in Google, so we had our Brisbane copywriting team write some brand and product descriptions for the page
  • Conducted keyword research – we researched what keywords people are typing in Google and then used these keywords consistently throughout the text. This tells Google that our content is relevant to the search terms.
  • Updated the metadata – optimised the metadata to include keywords and be more informative.
  • Alt tags – adding alt tags to the images helps Google understand what is being depicted in your images

Conversion Make-over

The purpose of this page is to showcase some of Air-rite’s product range and give the reader an idea of what brands they carry.

The original page was quite long, and consisted only of imagery and product numbers. The user had the ability to filter the products by brand using the buttons at the top of the page, but there was no other way to sort through the content or determine what the benefits of each model are.

Furthermore, each product clicked through to a separate page, but the separate pages didn’t offer the prospective customer any additional information. There was also a lack of information or calls-to-action on any of the pages.

Our new page is completely different. Some of the works completed include:

  • We have replaced the filters with logos at the top of the page that will jump you to the section for each brand, all on the same page.
  • We have added in more information about each brand, including featuring some of their great video content to make the page more engaging as well as more informative.
  • We have kept all of the product images that were on the original version of the page, but have formatted them in a more logical order, providing additional information about each product. They no longer link through to separate pages.
  • Finally, we’ve added several calls to action throughout the page, making it easy for the customer to navigate to the contact page to request a quote.

All of this is targeted towards attracting more people to the page, keeping them on the page for longer, and then driving them to take action via requesting a quote.

Landing page make-over example of the outcome

Image shows a section of the new landing page which has features video content as well as optimised text.

Landing Page Make-Over Outcome

Our new page will perform significantly better in Google. It meets Google’s requirement to have at least 350 words on the page, it has engaging content that will keep people on the page for longer, and the new text has been optimised using targeted and relevant keywords.

  • Is easier to navigate – it is formatted neatly, and is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It offers the reader a lot more information – both about the brands, as well as the individual products.
  • We’ve included video content to keep the audience engaged on the page for longer.
  • We added consistent calls-to-action urging the customer to request a quote.
  • We also updated the metadata, and loaded all of the content in an SEO-friendly manner including image sizes, alt tags, and file formats.

We will keep an eye on the page’s performance over the next few months but we are anticipating an improvement in search performance, traffic, time spent on page, and most importantly – conversions.

Want help with your SEO?

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