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Have you been thinking about a blog post for your website but have been putting it off  because you don’t know where to get started writing? We have all experienced the feeling of sitting and staring at your screen hoping for inspiration to strike – even copywriting professionals and creative writers struggle with this feeling more often than you might think.

We all know how hard it can be to just get started when it comes to writing. So I’ve compiled some of my favourite tips to just get started on writing that blog post.

You’re Already An Expert, And You Don’t Even Know It

Remember, as a small business owner you already know your stuff. You’re an expert in the area and most likely passionate about what you do every day. And guess what: this means you’re already a step ahead. You don’t need to spend the time doing background research and wrapping your head around the topic at hand like many copywriters need to do on a daily basis.

Write about something you can talk about in your sleep. Just imagine you’re talking to a customer, a friend, or a colleague. You most likely already know everything you need to know to have a discussion or tell a story about your chosen topic, so don’t be afraid to start hitting those keys and just start writing all the thoughts that come to your mind.

Setting The Mood, And Getting In Your Zone

Before you just get started writing, you should make sure that you’re in the right physical environment that works for you. Whether that be in a bustling coffee shop with lo-fi music in the background, or in a quiet room hidden away from all potential distractions, everyone has an ideal environment to focus the mind on the task at hand.

By setting the mood and putting yourself in a physical environment that maximises your writing productivity, you are going to get the task done quicker and you’ll have written your blog post before you even know it. If you aren’t thinking about other things on your to-do list or having conversations with people around you, you’ll find it much easier to start, and keep on, writing.


Breaking Down The Task, And Get Started Writing

Don’t worry if writing isn’t your strongest suit, you can do this. This is your story and your chance to share your knowledge and expertise with others in whatever way you want. A blog post doesn’t need to be a formal essay or academic piece of writing. Think of your blog posts as telling a story or answering a question in an informative and engaging way.

You know your stuff, so now you just need to get it down in a way that someone who isn’t an expert in your area can understand. If you’re still not sure about your writing, it’s actually a really good idea to have another person look over your blog post after you’ve written your draft and made your own initial edits. This is a pretty standard practice for professional writers too.

To help get you started, here is a manageable breakdown of the basic tasks involved with writing a blog post for your business.

  1. Decide on your topic. If you haven’t got any ideas, think of FAQs or pain points in your business or industry.
  2. Decide on your key points. For a whole bunch of reasons, it’s a good idea to use a few relevant subheadings to break up the paragraphs.
  3. Write your first draft. Don’t worry if it’s messy or the grammar isn’t perfect, just get it all out there in true “word vomit” style.
  4. Take a short screen break. This can help to give your brain a quick reset and read over your writing with a fresh perspective.
  5. Edit and proofread your writing. Now, this is your chance to go back and organise your thoughts or rewrite whichever parts you need.
  6. Get a second opinion. If you have the time and the ability to do so, it’s a good idea to get a different pair of eyes to read over your writing.
  7. Add a featured image. The featured image is the cover photo for your blog post and helps set the theme and match your brand image. If you don’t have your own high quality images, check out great free high quality images on websites such as Unsplash.

But most importantly, just get started. This might sound cheesy, but if you don’t start, then you’ll never finish. And remember, you’re already an expert in your field with insider knowledge and lived experience. You are just sharing this with others. Set aside a few hours, and you never know what you might accomplish. Now, just get started!