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These are a few of my favourite #ContentMarketing Things

Content marketing can take up a lot of your spare time; it needs to be planned carefully and rolled out meticulously. If one banner or blog article goes slightly astray, it can land you in hot water and set you back by months. Take for example, an unfortunate Tweet that the creators of Pretty Little Liars sent out – this post was probably scheduled weeks or even months before it actually went live. It was probably slapped together with little thought of the backlash and the misinterpretation that could arise.

While planning your message and ensuring that all of your content is succinct is undeniably important, there are a few ‘tricks of the trade’ (or tools if you will) that can help you create professional quality content quickly, easily and economically.

Here is a list of some of my favourite time, money and inspiration life-savers:

#1. Canva: Create Polished, Branded Content – All by yourself!

Eeeeek this tool is so fun! I regularly get lost on this site for hours; I have folders and folders of themed banners for different social media channels. Its so easy to make branded content.

In the space of an hour, I can smash out a month’s worth of Instagram or Facebook banners that are all consistently styled, perfectly sized for the platform and look better then anything I could have created by myself. I seriously can’t stress how simple and easy this tool is to use – anyone can use it.

#2. Thesaurus: Because nobody holds humdrum copy in high esteem.

Boring copy results in a lack of interest from your audience; I’m not saying that you should throw in a jumbled garble of unnecessary confabulation to everything that you say. But something as simple as a thesaurus could help you create a more eye-catching heading or title which can in turn lead to more email openings, more time spent on page or a higher click-through rate.

#3. Dollar Photo Club: Professional Quality Stock Imagery for an Economical Budget

If you find yourself regularly needing professional quality images that you can use safely (aka legally), but you don’t have the budget for expensive stock imagery for every single social media post that you make then I definitely recommend joining Dollar Photo Club. It’s a monthly membership fee of US$10 which includes 10 image downloads/month. Any additional images cost $1 and you can accrue your download points (so they roll over if you don’t use them). Huge database and heaps of options.

#4.Bit.Ly: Track your social traffic with customised URLs

Bit.Ly is great for when you are linking to your website from an external source – so for example, if you are posting a link to your site on Facebook or LinkedIn then use a Bit.Ly link. It allows us to track how much traffic each individual link on each different platform is directing to your site so that you can allocate marketing resources accordingly. If you are linking internally (from one page on the website to another) then we don’t need to use bitly links because Google Analytics will provide us with that detailed information.

While Google Analytics does tell us how many people have clicked through to the website from a platform like LinkedIn, it groups all of the traffic together, so if you have 5 posts linking back to the website, you won’t be able to see how many people clicked on each individual post, just how many people clicked in total. Bitly links provide that extra little bit of data to be able to tell which of the five LinkedIn posts was the most successful.

#5. Color Hunt: Glorious Colour Pallets to Help Your Content Projects

Aesthetically pleasing colour pallets that will put a smile on your face and help you out when inspiration levels are running on low.

Color Hunt uploads a new colour pallet each day with all of the hex codes that you need to pilfer the pallet and apply it to your own content.


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