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With speculation building that Google might be withdrawing from Australia, it is time for Aussie businesses to start thinking about what comes next… and for many, that will mean shifting their attention away from SEO strategies that revolve around Google’s SERPs and onto other search engines.

In our latest video, Bek Drayton teaches our clients how to set up new Bing assets for their business including a Bing Place listing and a Bing Webmaster Tools account – as replacements for your Google My Business listing and Google Search Console account.

As Bing is the search engine with the next largest market share after Google, it is best placed to take over from Google if they do choose to leave the Australian market behind. Setting up these assets takes less than 5 minutes – you can literally import the data from your existing Google My Business listing and Google Search Console accounts into your new Bing assets! Even if Google decides to stick around a bit longer, it won’t hurt to have these accounts set up as Bing is the default browser for Google phones and devices – so many people are already using these tools by default. Check out the video and if you would like any assistance from the team at BeKonstructive Marketing for any of your SEO campaigns or digital marketing strategies, please head to our website to organise a free consultation!


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