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We’ve listed three of our top content marketing tips and tricks – three of each, that’s six in total! 

Content marketing is a great way to attract new customers to your business, but it takes a lot of time, planning and strategy to get it right. As content marketing specialists, we’ve developed a series of processes, tricks and skills that we use to make our life easier, and we’re sharing some of them in this blog post! Check them out below, and let us know what you think – if you have your own content marketing tips or tricks that you’d like to share, then let us know in the comments below!

Six content marketing tips and tricks for Better Results:

The Tips:

Tip #1: Don’t Rely on Social
We’re starting with one of the best content marketing tips in 2018 – don’t rely on social media. Use it as tool, but make sure it is an expendable tool in your toolbox, not a platform that underpins your entire business.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great way to reach people, grow your audience and generate leads or sales, but it has one major drawback – you don’t own it. If you invest thousands of dollars and hours into growing a nice big Facebook following and then Facebook goes out of business tomorrow, you will have a big problem.

Facebook has a lot of issues at the moment – the rate of young people signing up to the platform has slowed down significantly, there have been issues with data security and people are starting to lose trust in the Facebook brand. And this loss of trust could happen at any time on any other social media platform.

If your business currently relies heavily on social media to drum up business and sales then you need to start thinking about how you can push your Facebook or Instagram users off those platforms and onto a platform you own, such as your own website or an email database. That way, if something happens to Facebook (or any other social media platform), you won’t lose the audience that you have invested so much time and money into growing and nurturing.

Tip #2: Tie Content Marketing in with SEO
A crafty content marketer can kill two birds with one stone by creating awesome, interesting and engaging blog articles or videos that can be optimised to perform well in Google and YouTube search engines. The trick is to listen to the types of questions that your audience are asking you or jumping onto relevant forums or other platforms to see what conversations are currently taking place around your product or industry. Then jump onto Google or a keyword research tool and start doing some keyword research to find a term or phrase that is receiving a lot of search traffic. Craft your blog around that term – it will perform well in Google, and it is covering a topic or subject matter that you know your target audience is interested in. Two birds, one stone!

Check out our blog article about writing SEO-friendly content for more tips and tricks on creating great content for search engines.

Tip #3: Create a Lead Magnet, Build a Database
Lead magnets are valuable pieces of content that users can download or access for ‘free’. We say ‘free’, because they are actually giving you their email address and name in exchange for the valuable piece of content.

The content might be a downloadable white paper, fact sheet, e-book, video, webinar or other piece of content that you have taken time and effort to create. The content needs to be high-value, containing information that they won’t find anywhere else, and which will help them achieve a particular goal.

This tip can tie in with our first tip – if you are looking for a way to drive your audience off Facebook and Instagram then your lead magnet could be it! Create the magnet, set it up so that users have to fill in a form with their email and name before they can access it, and then promote it on social media.

Email marketing generally has one of the highest conversion rates of all marketing channels – this is a pretty big generalisation as there are quite a lot of variables, such as your industry and whether you have a quality database, but if the users on your database consist predominantly of people who have been following you on social media and have willingly opted-in to receive the emails then you should find that you get a decent conversion rate.

The Tricks:

Trick #1: Repurpose Your Content
This is one of the best content marketing tips and tricks you’ll ever receive: savvy content marketers know how to re-purpose their content. This means creating one big, juicy piece of content and then flipping it again and again to create multiple pieces of content.

A great example of this would be to start by creating an information-packed 5 minute video about a really relevant topic in your industry at the moment. Once you have the video, create a transcript of the audio (try using a transcription service to save time). Uploading your video to YouTube with a transcription file will allow it to perform better in YouTube and Google search engines.

You’ll then turn the transcription text into a blog post – it shouldn’t take too much editing as all of the information will already be there. You can then pull out specific facts or quotes from your new blog post and turn those small snippets of information into social media posts to publish throughout the coming week/s. Use Unsplash for free stock images if you don’t have enough of your own images, or jump into Canva to turn your words into pretty graphics.

You can also use Lumen5 to create a second video using the blog article, which you can then post on Facebook and IGTV. Once you’ve done all of this, package all of it up into one awesome email that you can then send to your database!

Trick #2: Ask Questions, Get Engagement
Content marketing is all about building relationships with your audience, and you do that by having conversations with them. This is a really really simple ‘trick’ – if you want people to talk to you, then ask them questions.

If you are asking questions on your own posts and no one is answering you, then go ask questions on your target audience’s posts instead. Find where your ideal customers are hanging out on social media – Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags or Pinterest boards – hunt them down and ask them relevant, thought-provoking questions. This will make them take notice of you and they’ll likely check your account out and start talking to you.

Trick #3: Automation

Good, constructive content marketing takes time, strategy, focus and more time! But by using automation software and tools, you can make your life a bit easier by ‘batching’ your content. That will free you up to focus on engaging with your target customers on all of those social media platforms!

Some simple tools and techniques that we use to automate some of our content marketing tasks include:

  • Instagram: We use Later to automatically schedule most of our posts on Instagram. This ensures that we are posting regularly and we use the extra time to create content for Instagram Stories or to engage with other accounts.
  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the few social media platforms that has actually built a scheduling tool on the platform, and we love it! We batch our content and upload a week’s worth of content at a time to ensure that we are consistently appearing in our audience’s feeds.
  • Blogs: The WordPress platform has a scheduling tool for blogs, so you can write a bunch of articles at the start of the month and then upload them all in one hit, scheduling them out so that there is new, fresh content being published on your site every week.
  • Emails: Most email marketing platforms including Campaign Monitor and MailChimp have automation features to send automated emails like ‘Welcome’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or other special occasions. Furthermore, they will let you schedule your email marketing content in advance as well – we often schedule three or four of our BeKonstructive: The Bite Size Edition emails at a time so that there is always an email sitting in there ready to hit ‘send’ if we are short on time.

Want More Content Marketing Tips and Tricks?

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