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We’re sharing our favourite content marketing tools to help get the job done faster (and more profesh looking too!)

Content marketing is one of the hardest but most worthwhile digital marketing methods. The goal of content marketing is to build a strong, loyal audience by providing them with value that they can’t get anywhere else – that might be in the form of information, education or entertainment. Providing them with this free value fosters warm fuzzy feelings for your brand, making them more open to receiving your sales and promotional messages. Content marketing keeps your brand top of mind and ensures that your customers remain loyal to you.

But content marketing can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. Do you hire a graphic designer and copywriter to help you create all of the content? How do you remember to post consistently when you’re busy running a business? How do you keep coming up with fresh ideas and topics to talk about every month/week/day?

We’re going to share some of the content marketing tools that professionals use to help them with all of these problems. Each of these tools is free, easy to use and is a great way for you to speed up the content marketing process for your own business.

Tools for marketing
Marketing Tool Kit

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great platform to turn to when you’re stuck for content ideas. You can type in a topic, theme or keyword, and the platform will tell you all of the different questions that people are searching online around that topic. You can then pick one or a handful of the questions and answer them in a piece of content – like an ‘FAQs’ style blog article or video.
What we love most about Answer the Public is that it helps to ensure that you are creating content that is useful and adds value to people. You aren’t just plucking a topic out of thin air, but are actually doing some research to find out what questions people have around your topic or theme. And they might surprise you!
We did a test run on the theme ‘rose’ and it resulted in 109 questions, all categories nicely in to ‘who, what, why, how, when’.
Content marketing strategy is all about providing value to potential customers to help grow brand awareness, goodwill and value – ensuring that when they are ready to purchase, they are more likely to do so from your brand. Creating a series of ‘tips’ around why roses wilt, why the leaves turn yellow and why they won’t bloom, will provide your audience with value and a reason to follow your Facebook or Instagram page, or to subscribe to your email list or blog feed.

Answer the Public


This is our number one content marketing tool for all business owners!
Canva is an easy to use drag-and-drop program that allows you to make your own professional looking graphics and artwork for social media, blogs, landing pages and more. It is free (although it does offer a premium subscription that gives you access to additional features) and it has thousands and thousands of ready-to-use templates, all cut to size to suit the different social media platforms.
What we love most about Canva is that it makes simple graphic design tasks accessible to everyone. You can select a handful of templates to use, customise them to suit your brand and then quickly edit them each time you want to use them. This will add uniformity to your social media feeds giving you a more polished and professional look.



This tool is for all of the non-writers out there! By this stage, you’ve used Answer the Public to get your content ideas, and then you’ve used Canva to make some stunning graphics to go with your posts. Now you need to write your captions or text.
Grammarly is a platform that uses AI technology to help you write clearly and professionally. It is more intuitive than your standard spell-check in Word. The more you use it, the more it will get to know your style of writing and language and start to make tone, tense and other recommendations to make your writing more consistent.
What we love most about Grammarly is that it offers extensions for heaps of different browsers and applications. You can install it directly on your browser so if you’re writing in online forums or Facebook groups, it will lend you a helping hand. You can also install it on Slack, Gmail, Salesforce, Facebook Messenger and more! No matter where you are online, Grammarly has your back!


Alright, so we’ve got our content marketing topic. We’ve got a pretty image and an awesome caption to go with it. Now we need to schedule it. is an online social media scheduling tool that works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It allows you to create a library of content and then create posts on a monthly calendar or timeline that will auto-publish to your social media feeds.
What we love about is… well, everything. Later enables you to do a week (or a month’s) worth of social media planning and scheduling in one hit. It allows you to preview how your Instagram feed is going to look so that you can drag and drop the posts to make the most aesthetically pleasing grid. It allows you to create one post and then schedule it on four different social media channels in one hit – you can even make edits to each posts so that they don’t have the exact same text/caption or publish at the exact same time.


Get Marketing!

There you have it – four tools to help you create higher quality, professional looking content consistently. We’d love to see how you go using these tools so make sure you tag @BeKonstructive Marketing in your posts, we’re on all of the major social media channels.


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