Tone of Voice Guidelines


Tone of Voice documents are an important part of your branding. They provide a guide for the type of language and the style of writing that is used in your marketing communications. Just like you have a style guide for your logo and visual brand elements, a tone of voice guide ensures consistency in the way you speak to your audience and customers.

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What’s Included:

Your new Tone of Voice document (ToV) revolves around three core personality traits that we develop for your brand along with a brand persona, examples of how to use your new tone of voice guidelines and several calls to action for you to use on your marketing collateral.

The examples of how to use your new tone of voice guidelines will be taken from your existing marketing collateral (such as website content or social media posts); this gives you a tangible piece of content that you can start using straight away. We will also hold a 30 minute training or Q&A session with you and your team to teach you how to apply your new tone of voice and answer any questions that you may have.

Tone of Voice documents are usually 5-8 pages long, depending on the length of the sample text.

The Process:

Once you have purchased your Tone of Voice Guideline you will be directed to an online form where we will collect some information about your business, your target audience and your competitors. The questionnaire consists of 13 questions and will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

We use this information to research your industry and target audience, developing unique tone of voice personality traits for your brand. Once we have developed your three core traits, we will run them past you to make sure that they resonate with you and that you are happy with the direction that we are going in.

Once you have approved the three core traits, we will develop the rest of the guidelines, applying the traits to several samples of text from your existing marketing collateral.

The final document will then be sent to you in pdf format. Also included is a half hour meeting or phone call with you and your team to discuss how the ToV will be rolled out and answer any questions about applying your new brand voice guidelines.

The whole process takes approximately 1-2 weeks from when we receive your payment and completed questionnaire.

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