PN Digital are our digital BFFs.

We have been working with PN Digital for over four years now. PN Digital offers clients a unique digital marketing service that results in access to some of the best talent in the digital marketing field with one central account manager to keep everything on track. It’s kind of like hiring your own internal marketing department, but without all of the associated overhead costs.

BeKonstructive Marketing are PN Digital’s resident content marketing team, providing a range of social media, copywriting, blogging and email marketing services for both PN Digital and their clients.

Digital Marketing Services.

The best part about working with PN Digital has been that no two days are ever the same. We get to flex our creative muscles and work on a very broad spectrum of digital marketing projects. The BeKonstructive team provide content marketing services including social media, blogging and content creation, and we get to work with PN’s specialists in SEO, email marketing, AdWords, website development, design and more to create a comprehensive digital marketing product like no other.

Working with PN Digital allows us to rub shoulders with some of the best and brightest digital marketing experts and we are super proud to be considered a part of the #PNSquad! Oh and we also get to pen fun blog articles for their website – you can check some out here.

What’s Next?

We look forward to working alongside PN Digital for many more years to come, combining out strengths to deliver an exceptional digital marketing product like no other.


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