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Shiney new BeKonstructive Marketing Business Cards!

This post is really just a humble brag to show off my sweet new business cards from Moo Designs! Moo is pretty fun to play around with – they have a heap of existing business card templates that you can use, or you can create one from scratch. You can also put a different back on the cards so that they are all a little bit different – I used two different backs for mine.

I’d also highly recommend ordering a sample pack from Moo before committing to your online order – they have so many different shapes, thicknesses and finishes that it is hard to choose what will suit your business branding the best unless you can actually pick them up and touch them. Plus, the sample kit is hella fun for any design / packaging geeks out there!

If you’re planning on hitting the ‘networking’ circuit then it is pretty crucial to invest in some high-quality business cards – a well-designed and unique card can be a talking point and leave a lasting impression in the receiver’s mind. That’s pretty important when you consider that if it is a half-decent event, the person is probably going to be leaving with 20+ new cards. Make yours stand out from the pack!

If you want some help with your business branding or organising the artwork your business cards (via Moo or anyone else), holla at me on 0413 844 190.



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