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Apply for the Queensland Small Business Adaption Grant for 6 Months of FREE SEO Work! 

Six months of free Brisbane SEO Services (valued at $9,600) sounds pretty good, right? Six months on one of our highest performing SEO packages could see you conquer Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It could see you grow your business significantly. And it could see your website become one of your strongest (if not THE strongest) marketing and lead generation channel.

How do you make this happen?

With the Queensland Small Business Adaption Grant. Learn more about the grant HERE

The Adaption Grant is a funding program that the Queensland Government has created to help small QLD businesses adapt following Covid-19. Eligible businesses can apply for a number of different projects / services – not just SEO – to help them grow their business post-Covid. To help speed up the application process, we have put together a detailed SEO PROPOSAL DOCUMENT that you can use to apply for the grant. You can download it HERE.

Most of BeKonstructive Marketing’s digital marketing and content marketing services are covered by the grant – not just SEO. So if you’ve been thinking about building a new website, or seeking some assistance with your social media channels, then get in touch. We’ll put together a proposal for the services which you can then use in your grant application.

We had two clients submit our proposals as part of their grant application in the first round of funding and both have been successful in being awarded the grant.

Free SEOWhy SEO?

Most of our services are covered by the Adaption Grant, not just SEO.

We’ve chosen to target SEO for this campaign because we find that a lot of small business owners put SEO in the ‘too hard’ basket. They don’t fully understand what it is, or the value, and so taking the leap to invest in SEO can seem a bit scary. Business owners tend to stick to the platforms and marketing channels that they understand like social media, email marketing and paid ad campaigns.

So this grant is a great way for small Queensland businesses to dip a toe in and trial SEO for six months for free. See how it works, and find out if it has potential for your business. The package that we’ve included in this proposal is a top tier package, designed to take full advantage of the $10,000 grant. We do offer smaller monthly packages – so if you win the grant, we can go full speed ahead for six months. Following the full six months, we can review the results and you can decide whether you want to continue the campaign, downgrade the campaign or stop the campaign completely. The choice is yours and you’ll have six months worth of data to help make your decision.

If you’re not keen on SEO but have a different digital marketing project in mind, then let us know and we’ll put together a custom proposal for you.

The Catch?

The only real catch is that you are going to need to be FAST. 

The first round of funding was exhausted in under 4 days, and predictions are that the second round of funding is going to fly out the door even faster. Following the eligibility criteria, applicants will be successful on a ‘first in, first served‘ basis. So if you are not one of the first 10,000 businesses to apply, you will likely lose out.

Also, there are 10,000 grants available in total – 5,000 for South East Queensland businesses, and 5,000 for regional businesses. So SEQ businesses will need to be double-y fast if they want to nab one of these grants due to the high level of competition.

Our advice? Get your documents in order, sort out your quotes and suppliers and book out your calendar for Wednesday 1st June – make this your top priority. Be prepared to refresh the page a few times as the system is likely to crash more than once.

Application Tips:

Our number one application tip is to apply FAST.

Have your info and documents ready – they’ll likely want some information about your finances as well as the proposal. Delaying even one day could see you miss out on the grant completely.

Make sure you have read everything on the Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant website, and are certain that you meet the eligibility.

Our other biggest recommendation is to consider the criteria and the purpose of the grant when answering the application questions. Emphasise how the project you’re applying for funding will help your business grow in the wake of Covid-19. How will it help you retain or employ more staff? How will it help you diversify into new channels? How will this project help you replace revenue lost by Covid-19?

(Hint: if you’re using our SEO proposal to apply, it will help you grow your business online by driving more search traffic to your website. The increase in search traffic will result in an increase in sales / leads / enquiries, which will enable you to replace revenue you lost during the Covid period. It may even enable you to grow your business to a point where you are able to employ more staff or offer existing staff more hours / shifts. We are about to enter a recession so emphasising your ability to create job opportunities is a great selling point here!)

Have Questions?

If you have questions or want more help with your application, get in touch. If you need a proposal, then get in touch sooner rather than later – we will need enough time to discuss the project you have in time and put together a tailored quote. You can fill in the contact form on our Contact Page or get in touch with Bek Drayton on 0413 844 190 or