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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on building relationships with your customers or clients. It uses different forms of media such as text, image, video and audio to connect with your audience. The message that content marketing focuses on is not promotional; rather, it focuses on telling your story, building trust and establishing your brand or business as an industry thought leader.

Content marketing attracts customers that are passionate and loyal to your brand. It attracts the types of customers that advocate on your behalf, that live and breathe your brand and who will go out into the world and tell everyone how much they adore you. It is ideal for brands and businesses who want to build a cult following and who have strong values that their customers can identify with.

If this sounds like your brand then get in touch with BeKonstructive Marketing to find out how content marketing can help your business grow.

BeKonstructive Marketing offer content marketing services in two formats:

  1. Recurring month-to-month services such as social media management, email marketing, blogging etc.
  2. Project or campaign-based services where we pull a number of different platforms together to achieve a goal outcome over a set period of time.

We also offer set-ups, training, workshops and consultation services which are ideal for start-ups and business owners who want to run their own content marketing activities but who just require a little bit of help to get up and running.

In addition to content marketing services, we also provide our clients with some digital marketing support such as SEO services, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, website development and website management. We provide these services so that you can keep all of your digital marketing activities with one team.

If you would like more information about any of our services, or if you would like to book a free consultation to discuss whether BeKonstructive Marketing are a good fit for your brand, please get in touch on 0413 844 190.


We create branded content in a variety of formats including text and articles, video, photos, graphics, audio, whitepapers & guides, email and more.




We manage social media accounts. We deal with all platforms, developing content calendars that have a good balance of curated and created content.



We can help you turn email marketing into one of your strongest marketing channels with great content, database growth & segmentation, automated journeys and stunning template design.




We write content that will convey your brand identity, tell your story, connect with your audience, stand out from your competitors and most importantly – convert into sales, leads or enquiries!

Consulting &

If you’re just starting out or are not sure where to start then our digital marketing consulting and training services are a great place to start. We’ll help you with your strategy and then teach you how to roll it out!




Content marketing campaigns perform best when they are integrated with other digital marketing activities such as SEO, Google AdWords, website maintenance and Facebook advertising.

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