Work4Me are an Online Job Application Platform.

Work4Me is a start-up company, launching an online job application platform specifically designed for the construction industry but with the intention of eventually rolling out to all labour-driven industries such as hospitality and cleaning. When Work4Me first approached BeKonstructive Marketing, it was to assist them with the content for their website. They needed to use language that was professional yet simple – it needed to connect with both the employer and the employees.

Setting the Tone.

We started by developing a Tone of Voice document for the brand. A Tone of Voice is a guideline for how a brand should communicate with it’s audience – it covers the type of language that should be used in all marketing communications as well as outlining the brand’s identity. It is basically the communications version of your brand style guide.

Once we had the Tone of Voice sorted, we were able to create all of the copy for the Work4Me website. We were given the design for the homepage along with the sitemap and wrote content to fill in all of the different areas. The end result was copy that fit the design while communicating their message in a manner that is on-brand, using language that connects with both of their target audiences.

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