• Spacifica Travel – Content Marketing

    Spacifica Travel – Content Marketing

  • Josleen Makeup Professional – Landing Page

    Josleen Makeup Professional – Landing Page

    Google AdWords, Websites

  • Volta Aid Foundation Website Re-Design

    Volta Aid Foundation Website Re-Design

    Portfolio Item, Project Management, Websites

  • ACEER Digital Marketing Services

    ACEER Digital Marketing Services

    Branding, Creative, Photography, Project Management, Websites

  • GeoRetain Website Development

    GeoRetain Website Development

    Google AdWords, Project Management, Websites

  • Work4Me Website Content

    Work4Me Website Content

  • FixART Template Website Development

    FixART Template Website Development

    Portfolio Item, Websites

  • Branding: Amanda Pearce Real Estate Buzz

    Branding: Amanda Pearce Real Estate Buzz

    Branding, Consulting, Creative

Please browse through some of our recent digital marketing projects that we have had the opportunity to work on. Our team of Brisbane-based digital marketers are experienced in working across a range of different industries including travel, industrial products, trades and construction, retail, education, hair and make-up, start-ups and tech, apps and the not-for-profit sector.

Each portfolio item is accompanied by a description of the project and any challenges or hurdles that we overcame. It also contains links to the live product where possible. Covering a range of different digital marketing services including website development, website content and copywriting, social media management, branding, project management and Google AdWords, we hope that this selection of our past work provides you with a comprehensive view of the scope and calibre of our work and skills.

If you would like more information about any of the projects or would like to discuss your requirements for one of our digital marketers to work on an upcoming project, please get in touch with Bek Drayton on 0413 844 190 or bek@bekonstructive.com.au.