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ACEER Digital Marketing Services

We have been working with Aceer Group since early 2017 when they came to BeKonstructive Marketing requesting help with their digital marketing services, specifically looking for assistance with their brand and the launch of their ground-breaking and industry-disrupting HVAC and Process Chiller units.

The first step in the digital marketing process for these guys was to set them up with a professional brand and logo – their current brand was a DIY home-job, which was ok to get them going but wasn’t going to cut it with the big boys like Fujitsu and Daikin. Simultaneously, they required some professional imagery of their products – the units are literally big metal boxes, so we needed to find a photographer who could do something really unique with them.

Once the logo and the imagery were completed we needed to build a website, including copywriting, and then set up some advertising campaigns to get the word out and build some brand and product recognition.

Digital Marketing Services:

BeKonstructive Marketing was responsible for project managing the entire process – any elements that we were not able to do in-house ourselves, such as the photography and brand strategy, we outsourced but project managed. This meant that we were responsible for keeping the project on-track in terms of budget and schedule, while also doing all of the ground work for research, concepts, resourcing and briefing. Essentially, we acted as the middle-man for Aceer, looking after all of their digital marketing services while ensuring that they got what they needed and that they understood all of the jargon and process behind what was happening.

In addition to project managing, we also took care of the website development, setting up social media accounts, copywriting and Facebook advertising campaigns. We also helped them create some print materials including an awesome case study which they use as a sales tool at events to help explain the benefits of their product.

Aceer Digital Marketing

What the future holds:

Moving forward, we will continue to maintain our strong relationship with the team at Aceer, providing support for all of their digital marketing efforts. We have provided training for their team so that they can manage the day-to-day running of their Facebook page, Facebook advertising and website updates, and we continue to help them with their advertising strategy, SEO, LinkedIn and Google AdWords.

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Published: November 10, 2017